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After submitting a job application, when will I receive an interview invitation?

HR department will contact you within 2 weeks after your submission.

After the interview, when will I know the result?

It is estimated that within 3~7 days, the result will be out.

How long will the interview take?

It takes 1~2 hours for both written test and the interview

Can I cancel or postpone my interview time?

If you are unavailable to attend the interview, please contact HR department for changing the time or canceling the interview.

What do I need to bring when I attend the interview?

Please bring the diploma of your highest degree, your transcript and language certifications.

Could I apply for a position if I am still a student?

If you are graduating in that year, you can attend the interview in advance. On-board date can be negotiated.

Do I have to major in related fields when I apply for a position?

KD Panels welcome talents from all fields and majors as long as talents are willing to grow with KD Panels and recognize our corporate culture.
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