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시공사진 올리기

  • 사진은 무제한, 사진당 10MB 미만이면 올릴 수 없습니다.
  • 실적사진 전자파일
  • 사진은 원본 크기를 권장하거나 가장 짧은면은 3000px 이상이어야합니다.
  • 사진 해상도는 300dpi 이상이어야합니다.
  • 시공 전후에 사진이 있으면 업로드하여 제공 할 수도 있습니다.
혹은 파일 이쪽으로 옮겨주세요
I (hereinafter called Party A) hereby authorize Keding Enterprises Co., Ltd (hereinafter called Party B) to take and use any visual resource (photograph, video, etc.) taken from the client’s project free of charge in exchange for promotional exposure. Therefore, Keding Enterprises Co., Ltd. may make use of this media publicly.

Below the details of this authorization:
  1. These photographs may only be used on the official website, publications, social media and/or other advertisements of Party B.
  2. Party B should credit the source when using the photographs.
  3. The photographs provided by Party A are authorized to be legally utilized by Party B, with no further copyright related issues or disputes. Party A shall be held responsible shall there be any dispute.
  4. Party B has the right to edit and reproduce these resources.
  5. Party B shall send a copy of any publication made to Party A that contain resources provided by Party A.