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White Oak(Image)

K4187ASWhite Oak

  • Kategori Produk

    Seri Natural

  • Pengolahan Permukaan

    Sikat Kawat

  • Pencocokan Venir


  • Produk

    Panel Venir Mentah

  • Spesies Kayu

    White Oak

  • Color


  • Bahan bangunan sehat(圖示)
    Bahan bangunan sehat
  • Tanpa Kontaminasi(圖示)
    Tanpa Kontaminasi
  • Dibuat di Taiwan(圖示)
    Dibuat di Taiwan
  • Tekstur halus(圖示)
    Tekstur halus
  • Beragam Warna(圖示)
    Beragam Warna
  • Formaldehida rendah(圖示)
    Formaldehida rendah
  • TVOC rendah(圖示)
    TVOC rendah
  • Tampilan mulus(圖示)
    Tampilan mulus
The raw materials used in KD prefinished wood veneered panels come from individual and unique logs. Each log and log section used in our veneer has a unique grain that varies according to each log’s growth environment. Also note that according to different amounts of sunlight and mineral absorption each wood log may vary slightly in tone. Therefore, a certain color variation throughout the panel should be considered a natural characteristic of wood. Feel free to purchase with confidence.
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