Investment Zone

Investment Zone

Responsibilities and Activities of Each Unit
A. Audit Office    
  1. Implement the internal control system and internal audit system.         
  2. Carry out the Annual Audit Plan, and issue a report accordingly. 

Plan and formulate the Company’s overall policy, goals, and budget, and supervise each unit’s implementation of the business plan so as to achieve the business goals.        
Occupational Safety and Health Office

  1. Propose and promote occupational safety and health policy and autonomous management plan.       
  2. Plan and implement educational training on occupational safety and health. 
  3. Other matters relating to occupational safety and health management.
D. Operations

  1. Taiwan Operation Department :Take charge of each sales center in Taiwan; develop and serve domestic customers; plan and implement wood flooring projects.       
  2. Sales Management Department:Develop performance evaluation and review system for telephone interviewers/product consultants/ enterprises/regional industries; global performance report production, overseas order export matters.
  3. Data Analytics Department: Data analysis and suggestions, system and data connection.
  4. Project Integration Department: Enterprise digital service planning and execution, promoting the group’s digital transformation
  5. Modular Cabinets Business Department:KD Modular Cabinet project planning, construction and service.
  6. China Operation Department:Take charge of each sales center in China; develop and serve customers therein.
  7. Franchise Development Departmentt: Recruitment and training of foreign franchisees.
  8. Overseas OperationDepartment:Sell to, and serve, domestic and foreign customers; train overseas dealers and audit their sales performance.
  9. Marketing Department:Maintain the corporate image and brand spirit; plan and promote products.
E. Production Units

  1. Manufacturing Operation Department: Schedule production; follow up materials from relevant units to avoid a halt of the production line; assess outsourcees and take charge of the outsourcing work.    
  2. Lamination Department:PP film、Particle board、Laminates、Edge Banding Strip productionand all film materia l management.   
  3. Warehousing Department:Accept raw materials; admit semi-finished goods and finished goods into warehouse; issue and keep materials/goods.
  4. Factory Affairs Department: Assist in handling mechanical and electrical works, sewage and other arrangements and related administrative affairs inthe factory.
  5. Production Management Department: Department:Schedule production; follow up materials from relevant units to avoid a halt of the production line; assess outsourcees and take charge of the outsourcing work.
  6. Modular Cabinet Processing Department:Modular cabinet production and labor dispatch related operations
F. Management Units
  1. Finance Department: Carry out cashier jobs; manage and allocate funds; prepare and plan a shareholders’ meeting. 
  2. Accounting Department: Take charge of accounting affairs; analyze the financial statements; maintain, inventory, and manage fixed assets.    
  3. Human Resources Department: Recruit talent; take charge of matters relating to salary, wages, and benefits; organize internal and external training; maintain the relations with employees; and formulate internal regulations regarding personnel and administrative management.
  4. Informaiton Technology Department:Maintain the SAP system; back up and maintain data; manage and maintain information equipment, hardware, and software; manage and monitor the computer mainframe.    
G. Purchasing unit
  1. Purchasing Department: Picking domestic and foreign raw materials; inquire about the price from raw material suppliers, compare the price,
    negotiate the price, place orders, follow up the delivery process, and handle matters related to delivery of goods.
  2. General Affairs Department: Performs general procurement and administrative and logistical support services.
H. Research and development unit

Research and develop new materials and implementation techniques.Selection of domestic and foreign raw materials, raw materials supplier enquiries, price comparisons, price negotiations, and then ordering, plus follow up until the delivery of goods.