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How to maintain wood veneered panels and wood floorings?

How to maintain wood veneered panels and wood floorings?(Image)
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Home, is the origin of our own universe. Every home is a dream slowly piled up brick by brick. Wooden spaces enhance the warm atmosphere of your home that conserves your best memories. However, will it be difficult to maintain wood floorings and wood veneered cabinets? In fact, it is not difficult at all. With the correct methods, it is possible to reach the maximum longevity of the products. Daily maintenance is key to maintaining the appearance. This article would introduce you the correct methods of maintaining the products to extend the lifespan.

Do veneered panels and wood floorings have the same cleaning methods?

Wood veneered panels can be cleaned up by removing away the dust during casual cleaning. Since wood floorings has direct contact with occupants, stains, water stains and debris get caught up in the gaps inevitably. However, the particles could be easily removed by vacuum cleaners. Remember to avoid exposing the wood panels to moisture for long periods of time to prevent deformation. The quality of the panels plays a crucial role in future maintenance. Quality wood materials and premium wood panels or plywood products are processed through multiple procedures and inspected thoroughly. When it comes to surface finishes, durability is extremely important besides the design and aesthetics. Without professional treatments and procedures, the longevity of wood panels drastically reduces due to damages or deterioration. KD products are not only strictly inspected but also certified as chemical resistant and stain resistant. KD always aim to provide our customers the best product quality.
► The difference between KD Prefinished wood veneer panels and traditional coatings

The maintenance strategy for wood veneered panels and wood flooring

Cabinets and walls often collects dust, but wood floorings has to stand the wear and tear caused by children’s toys, brushes, as well as drinks, food, etc. If the quality of the wood flooring is not good enough, the stains could possibly seep directly into the flooring, which could ruin the aesthetics or even damage the materials. Therefore, the question is how to maintain wood veneered panels and wood floorings? Let’s take a look!

How to clean and maintain wood floorings?

Before extensive cleaning, a vacuum cleaner or electrostatic mop could be used to remove dust and hair. For small stains, wiping with a slightly damped rag could get the job done. For extensive cleaning, avoid using detergents and simply wet and wring out the mop to start the wood flooring cleaning process. Please keep in mind that the moisture should not be present for too long. Otherwise, despite the complex processing procedures of the wood floorings, excessive exposure to moisture would still cause deformation. In fact, keeping the indoor environment well ventilated, avoiding rain infiltration, placing floor mats around humid entrances such as bathrooms would be the key points of avoiding flooring deformation. In addition, in order to avoid scratching the floor, pads or covers could be applied to the bottom of the furniture or tables and chairs to protect the surface of wooden floorings.

How to clean and maintain wood veneered panels?

Compared to wood flooring cleaning, prefinished wood veneered panels normally require a dust mop or a dry cloth to remove dust. Light stains can be removed by wiping with a cloth wrung out of water. For regular maintenance, evenly apply furniture polish on the surface, and then wipe out the excess with a dry cloth. By doing so, the texture of the wood grain could be enhanced and achieve a more delicate touch. However, oxidation of wood products is an inevitable phenomenon. Still, as long as you avoid prolonged sunlight exposure or choose panels with darker colors, you can avoid the discoloration after oxidation of veneered panels. Moreover, in order to maintain the texture of the 3D wood grain, add a layer of protection before placing items on the panels.

Choosing KD products for easy maintenance

KD strictly controls the quality of wood materials, while choosing the safest low-formaldehyde plywood. Top-notch UV coatings are applied to our pre-finished veneered panels to completely cover the pores and provide advanced protection for the veneer surfaces while maintaining the surface transparency.
Under the protection of the UV coating, the surface hardness reaches 6H of CNS standards. The surface is not only abrasion resistant, scratch resistant, and durable, but also chemical resistant. Therefore, even stained by a permanent marker, the stain could be easily removed by wiping with alcohol or chemical solvents. Regarding wood floorings, our products has passed CNS certifications relating to flame retardancy, chemical resistance, stain resistance, and resistance to cigarette burns. Precisely machined latches provide seamless gaps between pieces to prevent liquids from penetrating the gaps, which makes our floorings easy to maintain.

Comparison of Prefinished Panels
KD FLOORING Pros and Cons
The Standard of Wood Flooring
Testing itemStandardQualification
Flammability Test
CNS 7614
Length of carbonization 5cm,
No remaining flame,
1 minute after,
there will be no afterglow
Alkali Resistance
CNS 10757
Unchanged (Qualified)
Acid Resistance
CNS 10757
Unchanged (Qualified)
Stain ResistanceCNS 10757Unchanged (Qualified)
Soaking Delaminating Test
CNS 11367
Comparison of Test Results
Testing itemOther brands
👍KD Flooring
Flammability TestLength of carbonization> 5 cm,
surface burned
Alkali ResistanceProduces brown color and peeling paint.Unchanged
Acid ResistanceProduces brown color and peeling paint.Unchanged
Stain ResistanceIt causes stains that are difficult to remove.Unchanged
Soaking Delaminating TestBurning, browning,
cracking, and blistering.
No irremovable burn marks, browning,
cracking and blistering
KD hand-scraped wood flooring passed CNS verification (Photo credit/KEDING)


Whether it is wood veneered panels or wood floorings, removing dust and dirt and wiping with rags wrung out of water would do the job of basic maintenance.
Please avoid using detergents or chemical solvents too frequently or placing the panels in a humid and sunlight exposed environment. Also, the wood products should be placed in a ventilated environment to avoid deformation. In fact, maintenance of wood veneered panels and wood floorings is not difficult. As long as you choose high quality panels and maintain it carefully, wood products can achieve excellent longevity.

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