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[Ceiling Design] Choosing the right wood veneered panels can greatly enhance the texture of the interior space

[Ceiling Design] Choosing the right wood veneered panels can greatly enhance the texture of the interior space(Image)
Image source/Yawu Interior Design. Used Item/K6487AS

According to a survey, the average person spends more than 12 hours at home a day. How would you decorate the space that is so intimately linked to your life? What will you do if you wish to modify the style of your home? "Wood veneered panels" are your new space stylist. It can be used on walls, cabinets, and ceilings to give your home a fresh new look without too much hassle.

Does ceiling design have an impact on the overall space?

Walking into a new space, you might not know that the bookshelves around you and the round table where your coffee sits on are all dressed in "wood veneered panels". While looking around a room that has been furnished with wood, it is easy to notice that the majority of elements are made of wood veneered panels. You could find the lovely wood veneered panels on tables, chairs, book shelves, walls, and ceiling designs. Varied combinations bring different styles and appearances to the space. Wood veneered panels made by slices of solid wood is the key to adjust the interior color temperature and to increase the coziness of a home. Due to various types of trees, surface finishes and dyeing procedures, wood veneered panels come in numerous options and styles.

Common ceiling designs

Wooden ceilings of residence interiors are primarily flat ceilings. Therefore, ceiling design is incredibly crucial in determining the overall look of the space. Refreshing visual styles may be created by combining different elements. Curved ceilings, grille ceilings, vaulted ceilings, and extended ceilings may all provide a splash of color to a neutral backdrop. Even for a small wall cabinet, ceiling designs or wooden design elements could become the icing on the cake.

Can wood veneered panels be used for ceiling design?

It is recommended to get creative with the ceiling design in order to decorate the area seamlessly and perfectly with wood veneered panels. Unlike custom-cutting, the use of wood veneered panels on the ceiling not only clarifies the atmosphere imparted by the texture and color of the wood, but also "echoes" with other furniture pieces in the area using near-tone colors, resulting in a unified visual experience.

Flat ceiling + wood veneered TV cabinet, cabinet

Starting from the protagonists of the space, the TV wall, kitchen storage cabinets and the ceiling design are the major focal points that forms the overall style. In modern home design, an open space configuration is usually preferred. To enhance spaciousness and to separate different areas, Eyang Interior Design complements the living room and dining area with the same color tone. Cypress is used for the panels of the TV wall, the kitchen cabinet, and the flat ceiling design, which adds texture and creates a cozy feel in the white-based space. The elements of open space interior designs should not be limited to paint and tiles. The use of wood elongates the visual perception, contrasts the two different areas while maintaining a consistent design language.

Interior style: Muji style


Divide the space with wood veneered panels in the open space. Image source / Eyang Interior Design Used Item/K6196IN


Extended ceiling + wooden wall, cabinet

If a subtle adjustment isn't enough for you, an extended ceiling design may be an option. Eyang Interior Design stretches the white bamboo material from the wall to the cabinet and back up to the ceiling. The warm tone veneer with a vivid white hue blend perfectly with the light grey sofa, which gives people a stunning feeling. The distinctive taste is unhindered between the living room and the dining room, displaying quality and class.

Interior style: simple style


The ingenious extension design extends the view from the cabinet to the ceiling. Image source / Eyang Interior Design. Used Item/K6196IN

The elegance of cork and white oak is applied to the pathway walls, which extends to the cabinets and white ceilings, allowing people to experience the beauty of wood elegance all at once. Modern lighting and an industrial-style bar were added to create a diverse style of a combination of soft and industrial look.

Interior style: Mix and match


The large-area veneered stage successfully attracted attention. Image source / Arching Design. Used Item/K4197AS, K4187CS

Wood veneer is the ideal material for satisfying your space fantasies.

The texture and warm ambience of wood have always been a popular element of in-house décor. Wood veneered panels not only preserves a similar texture and feel as genuine wood, but also comes in environment friendly. Wood is versatile and could be utilized in a variety of locations, including cabinets, walls, and ceilings. Due to constant technological breakthroughs, KD wood veneered panels satisfies your fantasies of interior design with high-quality panels and numerous options. The exquisite and solid qualities of wood veneered panels remind the occupants their enduring love of home.
More KD interior design cases

Image source / Platino Interior Design. Used Item/K6196RN


If you want to modify the style of your house, you may use multi-material properties to change the style of the walls, cabinets, floors, and ceiling designs. Create a distinctive style of your house by using the warm and exquisite texture of wood veneered panels.

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