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ECO⁺ Panels Features and Advantages

ECO⁺ Panels Features and Advantages(Image)

ECO⁺ Panels Features and Advantages

Accelerate decoration and easy panel color matching

ECO⁺ Panels simulate the look of KD Panels™ to achieve the closest color matching on the inside and outside of your woodwork.

High-quality and non-toxic substrate materials

Most of the commercially available cabinet panels are made of PVC and Melamine, which contain formaldehyde, plasticizers, melamine and other harmful toxins. ECO⁺ Panels are made of non-toxic PP materials, offering you a healthier and safer product.

The best Substrate for Tropical Climates

Made for tropical climates where humidity is part of everyday life. KD selects block board as a substrate, as it provides more stability and moisture resistance in this type of conditions.                   

Exclusive Edgebanding, Easy Application

Matching Edgebanding material is available to match each ECO⁺ Panel item. Making application easy and eliminating color-matching problems.

Grade-1 Flame Retardancy

Grade-1 Flame retardant certification shows that the material does not have combustion qualities; this can help prevent the possibilities of fire hazards or increase the magnitude of an existing fire.

The Leading Brand of Healthy and Eco-Friendly Materials
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