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ECO⁺ Panels Advantages

ECO⁺ Panels Advantages(Image)

ECO⁺ Panels Advantages

Safe, food-grade PP materials

PP materials are free of formaldehyde, plasticizer, melamine and other toxic substances. Making them the healthier option in the market.

Approved by cold and hot test

ECO⁺ Panels have a temperature resistance range of -20℃ to 120℃, and certified by SGS for cold and hot temperature test. This product will not crack, swell, peel or fade within this temperature range.

Ease of Maintenance

ECO⁺ Panels will not dissolve, discolor, or stained when exposed to acid, alkali solvents, alcohol, dirt, etc. Light stains and dirt can be wiped off directly with a damp cloth when necessary.

Hyperrealistic wood grain printing technology

ECO⁺ Panels simulate the look of KD Panels™ to achieve the closest color match on the inside and outside of your woodwork.

Healthy, Durable substrates

ECO⁺ Panels come with a resistant block board substrate that provides good load-bearing capacity and moisture resistance, making it your best choice for your woodworking needs.

Quality and Safety, Carefully Examined

Particleboard and MDF substrates are the most common substrates in the market, however, it is common to witness variation in quality and moisture related problems with these items. That is why KD carefully selects F1 and F3 block board substrates to offer you a healthy and firm material for your project.

The Leading Brand of Healthy and Eco-Friendly Materials
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