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Edging Instructions

Edging Instructions(Image)

Edging Instructions

Joining:Join flexible veneer and base material with wood adhesive.

Sand the edge:Use 240# sandpaper to smooth the trim. Then, repeat with 400# sandpaper until the edge is smooth.

Mix paint:Shake the paint bottle and mix evenly.

Reduce excessive paint:Make sure the sediment at the bottom of the bottle is thoroughly mixed. Scrape the paintbrush over the rim of the bottle to remove excess paint.

Paint the edge:To avoid applying excess paint in the corners, start at 3 cm from the corner and paint along the edge. Go back and forth several times until edge is completely covered.

Wipe off excess paint:Use 800# sandpaper to smooth the edging. If there is any excess paint on the surface, wipe off with ethanol.

Paintbrush Usage 

How to preserve the life of your paintbrush:Soak into the paint bottle during use to avoid paintbrush drying up. 

How to clean the paintbrush:After use, rinse with water and dry with cloth, once dry, accommodate bristles and store.

The correct way to hold a paintbrush:Press the paintbrush with your thumb slightly, move it horizontally left and right to paint the edge.




1. When applying the edge, please stir the paint bottle with a paintbrush to mix paint evenly.
2. Paint will increase its adhesion with time, and the hardness and toughness will appear after a few days.
3. Applying the edge paint before the cabinet is assembled can reduce the difficulty of implementation and make things easier.
4. Use 400# sandpaper to sand the edge for the last time, and after confirming that the edge is completely smooth proceed to apply the edge paint.
5. If you are not satisfied with the finished edge line, use ethanol to remove the edge paint and repeat.
6. If you want to improve the smoothness and of the edge, you can lightly sand it with 800# sanding sponge after 24 hrs. and then apply another layer of edge paint to achieve the best result.
7. 240# sandpaper, 400# sandpaper, 800# sandpaper should be attached on a wooden board before use.
8. Due to the natural characteristics of wood, a slight difference in color may occur between the panel and the edge paint. If this is the case, you are welcome to contact your sales representative for a customized paint color. 
9. Paintbrushes, paint sets, 240# sanding board, 400# sanding board, 800# sanding sponge, and edge trimming knife are available for sale. Feel free to contact us!
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