Into the Woods

Into the Woods

How to choose the right materials for your next renovation? The product of choice for commercial spaces - KD Panels(Image)
For commercial brands, apart from offering a first-class service, a well-designed interior décor and atmosphere is also important to enhance its value. For business settings, wood has long been a top choice when selecting materials...
comparison of real vs. printed wood grains(Image)
KD Panels are made of real natural wood veneer with various matching methods, colors, and textures to reveal the ture beauty of wood.

Veneer Matching

Veneer Matching(Image)
Veneer Matching
Comparison of Prefinished Panels(Image)
The other label painting board with KD painting board differences-Thick veneer does not only cover the surface of the substrate, it can also enhance the texture of the veneer...
Advantages of Prefinished Veneered Panels(Image)
According to WHO, formaldehyde is considered as top carcinogen and can be found in every kind of building materials. In order to provide a healthy and non-toxic living environment...
Features Advantages(Image)
KD panels, the synonym of prefinished wood veneered panels      KD was the first enterprise in Taiwan to produce prefinished wood veneered panel and became the pioneer in this market. With a leading role in this industry...
The Absence of the Grain(Image)
The veneer for the veneered laminates requires a certain thickness to show the 3-D characteristics of the natural wood grain. Therefore, the western companies insist in using veneers of over 0.6mm in thickness ...
Advantages of Unfinished Veneered Panels(Image)
Advantages of Unfinished Veneered Panels
Pros and cons of unfinished veneered panels(Image)
The veneer is often too thin, causing the grain of the backing material to appear on the surface...

Beauty of Wood

Beauty of Wood(Image)
Each wood species has its own special characteristics. In order to preserve the natural beauty and unique identity of wood grain, different methods and techniques of finishing must be applied...