Into the Woods

Into the Woods

Which one is better? System furniture or woodworking furniture?(Image)
When you want to decorate your home, besides referring to design pictures, you must also be thinking about who should be given full control of your beloved home, right? Perhaps you may find a designer to work with the carpenter, hoping to design a unique
How to maintain wood veneered panels and wood floorings?(Image)
Home, is the origin of our own universe. Every home is a dream slowly piled up brick by brick. Wooden spaces enhance the warm atmosphere of your home that conserves your best memories. However, will it be difficult to maintain wood floorings and wood vene
Veneer Matching –Quarter Mismatch and Mismatch(Image)
Naoto Fukasawa, a renowned designer says: "There is always something present between people and objects, be it air, or a certain atmosphere, and to me, this is ''the medium''. If we examine the information revealed by this medium.....
Veneer Oxidation(Image)
Oxidation happens to almost any material due to the exposure to air and sunlight. This transition process is extremely slow in most interior spaces, and almost unnoticeable to most people....
Causes of Mildew(Image)
Taiwan, which located in the subtropical zone, with the marine tropical climate, is warm and humid at all time. Under the condition, mildew often appears on the interior furniture and cabinets.
An artist's blueprint with custom-made wooden furniture(Image)
In the article "Comparison between modular furniture and custom-made wooden furniture", we introduced the differences between the two in terms of the production process. From this introduction, it can be appreciated that there are great differences ....

Beauty of Wood

Beauty of Wood(Image)
Each wood species has its own special characteristics. In order to preserve the natural beauty and unique identity of wood grain, different methods and techniques of finishing must be applied...
The Finest Wood Finishing(Image)
In the 1960's, Taiwan became one of the places to find the best OEM for the furniture industry in the United States due to its low wages, high manageability, diligence as well as political reasons. The high demand for value products in the United States .
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