KD Panels

KD Panels – a prefinished wood veneered plywood used as an interior decorative material.  Keding Enterprises Co., Ltd was the first company to produce prefinished wood veneered plywood, thus, we named it KD Panels. The conventional finishing in woodwork uses unfinished veneer panels to install onto cabinets, doors, walls, ceilings, etc., and requires a coating process after fabrication to protect the surface. However, there are some disadvantages when dealing with conventional finishing such as color inconsistency, longer completion time, dust and toxic fumes during on-site fabrication, etc. KD Panels solves the problems mentioned above by pre-finishing products with UV coating technology in the factory, this process also has additional advantages such as scratch resistance, acid and alkali resistance, antibacterial, flame retardant, etc. All items use F1-Grade low formaldehyde in plywood , and obtain the Japanese F☆☆☆☆ certification and Green Label Certification in Singapore.

*Natural Series: Made from Natural wood logs that are sliced into veneer and then laminated onto plywood. Are finished with KD UV coating technology.
*Reconstituted Veneer Series: Made with basswood and poplar veneers, veneers are first dyed and then recomposed into blocks to create different patterns. These tend to have a more uniform and modern look.

All items are compliant with low-formaldehyde standards.
Singapore Green Label Certified.
Flame retardant properties.
3D wood grains.
Can shorten up to 4/5 of woodwork completion time.
No on-site finishing required, zero contamination.
Durable and moisture resistant surface.

Product Characteristics
*Surface Treatment: KD Panels come in various surface treatments such as flat surface, open pore, wire brushed, rough-cut, and 3D textured. These provide different looks suitable for any design style.*
*Colors and Variations: KD Panels come in multiple colors and variations made through staining, dyeing and smoking the veneer.
*End-mirror-matching: For higher ceiling heights, KD provides end-mirror-matching panels that can be joined end-to-end and enable you to have a continuous grain through up to 4 sheets.
*KD Flex Panel: Thin, flexible panels for curved surfaces.

*Taiwan Green Building Material Certification
*Singapore Green Labelling Scheme
*FSC™ COC Chain of Custody Certification
*Taiwan Excellence
*Taiwan-made MIT Smile Product Certification
*Taiwan Golden Select of MIT Smile Product Certificate
*Japan F☆☆☆☆ Standard Certification

Patent Certificate
*3D-textured Series
*Veneer Matching-End Mirror Matching Methods
*KD Flex Panel

Use a damp cloth for regular cleaning, mild detergent may be used for more stubborn stains.

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