Investment Zone

Investment Zone

Responsibilities and Activities of Each Unit
A. Audit Office    
  1. Promotion of internal control system and internal audit system.         
  2. The implementation of the annual audit plan and the issuance of reports.     
B. General Manager

Overall management of the company's operating policies, objectives, budget planning and formulation, and supervision of each unit for implementation of the operating plan and achievement of operational goals.        
C. Health and Safety Office

  1. Propose and promote organization’s occupational health and safety policies and self-management plans.         
  2. Implementation plan for occupational safety and health education and training.     
  3. Other related occupational safety and health management matters.        
D. Operating Units

  1. Taiwan Business Department: Sales centers in all regions of Taiwan, development and service for domestic customers, planning and implementation of wood flooring projects.       
  2. Overseas Business Department: Overseas sales, customer service, training and performance auditing of overseas agents.
  3. Mainland China Business Department: Sales centers in all regions of China, customer development and service.        
  4. Hong Kong Business Department: Hong Kong regional sales centers, customer development and service.        
  5. Singapore Business Department: Singapore regional sales centers, customer development and services.          
  6. Malaysia Business Department: Malaysia regional sales centers, customer development and services.
  7. Philippine Business Department: Philippine regional sales centers, customer development and services. 
  8. Marketing Department: Maintenance, promotion and planning of corporate image and brand spirit. 
E. Production Unit

  1. Manufacturing Department: Cooperate with the Production Management Department to carry out the manufacturing of orders and quality inspection.       
  2. Production Management Department: Formulate the production planning and scheduling, follow up on materials from related units to avoid line stoppage, plus outsourcing and evaluation of outsourcing factories.   
  3. Evaluation and inspection of raw materials, and preprocess operations. 
  4. Laminating Department: Laminating operation for wood veneers and base plates.
  5. Storage Department: Material receiving, semi-finished products, finished products warehousing, issuing and storage.  
F. Management Unit
  1. Finance Department: Cashier operation, finance management and scheduling, preparation and planning of shareholders' meeting.        
  2. Accounting Department: Account processing, financial statement analysis, fixed assets maintenance and inventory management.         
  3. Human Resources Department: Recruitment, salary and benefits, internal and external training, staff member relations, and personnel administration related rules and regulations.       
  4. IT Department: SAP system maintenance, data backup and maintenance, information equipment software and hardware management and maintenance, computer host management and monitoring.        
G. R&D Unit

Research and development of new materials and new processes.       
H. Purchasing Unit

Selection of domestic and foreign raw materials, raw materials supplier enquiries, price comparisons, price negotiations, and then ordering, plus follow up until the delivery of goods.