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Talents are KD's most valued asset. The company allocates 16% of its surplus every year as employees' dividends, 9% as New Year bonus, 4% as employees' bonus, and 1% as charity funds. Salaries and benefits offered by KD are the best in the building materials industry. KD Panels will also continue to uphold the company's philosophy: "To make the company earn profits, share them with our employees, and do good for humanity,"
in order to attract, to retain, to cultivate and to motivate excellent talents from all kinds of fields.

KD makes your ideal life possible

Performance Bonus

In sales department, it depends on monthly evaluation of performance.

Employee Share Bonus

To appreciate and encourage employees in the company, the company allocates 16% of its surplus annually as employees' dividends.

Profit Sharing

The stock dividend is according to capability, seniority, and contribution.

Diversified Welfare

Perfect Education and Training

KEDING cares not only the Management Associate program but also on the other professional training. We provide our employees with training subsidy, so that they can keep learning and working.

Birthday Gift

Since you join KD family, we will always remember your birthday with a sincere blessing and gift. Hope you can stay healthy and laugh your heart out all day long.

Three Chinese Festival Gift

In these holidays, KEDING will prepare the special gifts to appreciate employees' efforts and contributions in this year.

Wedding and Funerals Subsidy

When something happens to you, good or bad, consider what it means. You can share your happiness and sadness with us. KEDING will provide you over the average subsidy.


Are you worrying what to wear every morning? KD tailor the elegant and professional uniforms that would not trouble you anymore.

Happy KD Life

Year-end Party

Annual Dinner is held to reward employees' hard work and to recharge for a new upcoming year.

Annual Travel Allowance

Taking a break for accomplishing a longer journey is a must! We sponsor employees for company trips every year to various destinations such as Angkor Wat, Hokkaido,, etc.

Party & Activity

Eating seafood by the beach, karaoke, and movie nights are some activities available after work. Who said it was all work no play?