ECO⁺ Laminates
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Pebbled Leather Taupe Brown(Image)

L9626Pebbled Leather Taupe Brown

ECO⁺ Laminates-Pebbled Leather Taupe Brown
  • Collection

    Extended Collection

  • Series

    Extended Series

  • Type

    Pebbled Leather

  • Color


  • Size
    • 1220mm x 2440mm x 0.8mm (Standard product)
    • 1220mm x 3050mm x 0.8mm (Customized product)
    • 1220mm x 3660mm x 0.8mm (Customized product)
  • Seamless Edges(圖示)
    Seamless Edges
  • Easy to Bend(圖示)
    Easy to Bend
  • Scratch Resistant(圖示)
    Scratch Resistant
  • Ease of Maintenance(圖示)
    Ease of Maintenance
  • Stain resistance(圖示)
    Stain resistance
  • Thermal Resistance(圖示)
    Thermal Resistance
  • Food-Grade PP Materials(圖示)
    Food-Grade PP Materials
  • Zero Plasticizer(圖示)
    Zero Plasticizer
  • Zero Melamine(圖示)
    Zero Melamine
  • Low Formaldehyde(圖示)
    Low Formaldehyde
  • Low TVOC(圖示)
    Low TVOC
  • Health Protection(圖示)
    Health Protection
  • Zero Contamination(圖示)
    Zero Contamination
  • Made in Taiwan(圖示)
    Made in Taiwan
  • A Wide Range Of Colors(圖示)
    A Wide Range Of Colors
  • Hyperrealistic Wood Grain Printing Technology(圖示)
    Hyperrealistic Wood Grain Printing Technology
  • Time Saving(圖示)
    Time Saving
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