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Board of Directors
In accordance with the Company's Articles of Association, the Board of Directors of the Company currently consists of seven directors (including three independent directors) who are elected for a term of three years and are eligible for re-election. The Chairman of the Board is elected by the Directors from among themselves. The Chairman of the Board represents the Company externally and is responsible for all important affairs of the Company. The Company has taken out liability insurance in respect of the scope of business carried out by all Directors.

The term of office of the Board of Directors is from 2021/09/01 to 2024/08/31.

A. Board of Directors
PositionNameDate of AppointmentKey Experience
Chairman of the Board
Zhouding Investment Co. Ltd/ Representative:
Keding Enterprises Co., Ltd./Founder
Yuanbang interior design co., ltd. /
General manager
DirectorHuang,Tien-Hua2021.09.01Keding Enterprises Co., Ltd./Founder
DirectorZhouding Investment Co. Ltd/ Representative:
2021.09.01SAMPO INC./ Quality inspection engineer
skey Computer Corp./ Head of IPQC
Keding Enterprises Co., Ltd./Deputy General manager
DirectorZhouding Investment Co. Ltd/ Representative:
Tsao, Ya-Lin
2021.09.01Keding Enterprises Co., Ltd./Special Assistant
Independent DirectorCheng,Chun-Jen2021.09.01TWSE Domestic Listing Department/Deputy head
Sentelic Corporation/General manager
Sentelic Corporation/Director
ANJI Technology Co., Ltd./Independent Director
Buima Group Inc./Independent Director
Independent DirectorCheng,Hung-Hui2021.09.01Deloitte Asia Pacific Services Limited/Assistant manager
PwC Taiwan/Manager
Analog Devices Inc./Manager of Audit Department
Crowe (TW) CPAs/Associate
Chungsun Prime Certified Public Accountants/Accountant
Grant Thornton Taiwan/Accountant
Mingda Accounting firm/Director
GNT Biotech & Medicals Corporation/Independent Director
Independent DirectorYang,Hao-Ming2021.09.01KAYU TEXTILE CO., LTD./Chairman
Independent DirectorLiu,Ting-Hsuan2023.06.28TAIWAN STIPENDIARY CO.,LTD. /Chairman

B. Diversity of Board Members and independence
       I. Diversity of Board Members
To enhance Diversity and independence of Board Members , the Company made the Code of Corporate Governance Practices and established  a nomination system for the election of directors (including independent directors) in its Articles of Association., In the selection of directors (including independent directors), the Company considers not only the professional background of the directors (including independent directors), but diversity is also an important factor.In order to achieve the desired goal of corporate governance, members should have diverse professional backgrounds in management, leadership, industry knowledge, finance and accounting.

The Company will maintain and continue to refine the current diversity of its Board of Directors and currently has seven directors, including three independent directors. Among the Board members, there is one female director and three directors who are  employees; all three independent directors have served for more than three years; two directors are aged 60 or above; two directors are aged 51-60; two directors are aged 41-49; one director is aged 31-40. With professional backgrounds ranging from management, engineering, marketing and finance, as well as being technology industry operators and experts in accounting and management, the board members have diverse backgrounds in industry, academia and knowledge, and can provide professional advice from different perspectives, which will greatly help to enhance the company's operational performance and management efficiency.
       II. Independence of Board Members
There are seven  people in The Board, three of them are independent director.The proportion of independent directors is 43%.Directors exercise their powers independently, all the directers are no family relationship in Paragraph 3 Article 26-3 of the Securities and Exchange Act. The company replace the Supervisor with the Audit Committee.

management, leadership, industry knowledge, finance and accounting.

                                Director’s Job Title and Name                                
                                Diversified Core Projects                                
ManagementIndustry knowledgeMarketingConstruction worksFinance and  AccountingRegulation Compliance
Chairman of the BoardZhouding Investment Co. Ltd.
Cao Xianzhang  
DirectorZhouding Investment Co. Ltd.
Lin Dazhen
DirectorZhouding Investment Co. Ltd.
Cao Yalin
DirectorHuang TianhuaMale                                  
Independent DirectorZheng ChunrenMale   
Independent DirectorZheng HonghuiMale  
Independent DirectorYang HaomingMale  
Independent DirectorLiu TinghsuanMale  

C. Succession Planning for Board Members and Key Management Personnel
"Succession Planning for Board Members":
The Company currently has seven directors (including three independent directors), each with management expertise in business, finance and accounting or corporate management, and will continue to strengthen the Board of Directors and increase the number of independent directors in the future. 

Regarding the succession planning for the Board of Directors, there are currently a number of senior managers within the Group who possess the necessary management and professional capabilities to serve as directors, at the same time, the Company will seek external professional talents to prepare for the succession planning of directors. As for independent directors, they are required by law to have working experience in business, law, finance, accounting or knowledge of corporate entities. The Company will appoint independent directors as required by law in order to further develop its corporate governance function.

"Succession Planning for Key Management Personnel":
KD values the dedication of each staff member and regularly evaluates the position of each staff member with regard to their attributes and performance and conducts personnel promotion evaluations in March of every year. Staff members at the Associate level (and above) are the key management level of the Company, and every management level has job agents. Internal and external training courses are held from time to time. In addition to professional training, we also develop judgement, management skills and problem-solving abilities to enhance the quality of management decisions and to prepare high quality manpower for the long-term development of the Company.

D. Board Performance Evaluation