Technology, Innovation, Cultivation, Steady Growth

Since 2020, the COVID-19 epidemic has caused a serious blow to the global economy. On the basis of strictly implementing solid performance management and focusing on core business, we have achieved a breakthrough by beating the trend in the market. In other words, we not only prioritized on high-efficiency manufacturing practices and reshaped labor efficiency, but also actively set up a global e-commerce platform to maintain our brand’s global reach. In addition, there is no doubt that our talent is our most cherished asset, and in order to recruit talents from diverse backgrounds, we value the importance of creating a happy working environment. With the commitment of actively carrying out proper reforms for workplace safety and welfare, we have successfully obtained the ISO 45001 Occupational health and Safety Management Certification to provide a safe environment for our employees at Keding.

As the pioneer of Prefinished Wood Veneered Panels, Keding has established itself in the interior design and decorative material market. In order to sustain a healthy living environment, all KD products are of low formaldehyde emissions and are Green Building Material and internationally certified. Furthermore, we not only insists on improving our surface coating technology, but also emphasize on the efficient use of wood and the aesthetics of this precious resource. Also, with the aim to provide a broader product range, Keding has successively launched a series of products such as, KD Wide Plank Flooring and 3D Textured Flooring and KD Backer Panels. ECO+ Panels from our KD Backer Panels line are also licensed by the largest manufacturer of decorative materials, Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) Japan. Finally, throughout this time, we have successfully integrated operations of procurement, wood processing, manufacturing, inventory management and created solid global sales channel.

While continuing to pursue enterprise growth, Keding also actively participates in social welfare activities and allocates a fixed percentage of profits for welfare funds every year. Our funds have been applied to a series of activities such as emergency disaster reliefs, caregiving for the needed and tree planting activities. On the basis of bearing corporate social responsibility powerfully, the Company has always been committed to doing its part for the society, in order to fulfill the tenet that Keding has always upheld. “Making profits, sharing with employees and giving back to society”.

Keding is about to enter its 20th year of growth. Therefore, we thank all Keding employees, customers, shareholders and investment entities for the valuable support. In the future, we shall continue to uphold the spirit of "applying technology, constantly innovating, cultivation and stable growth" to meet the test of the times, and regard "Dedicate to providing healthy, high-quality and eco-friendly decorative materials" as our mission.

Keding Enterprises Co., Ltd. Chairman
曹憲章(Tsao, Hsien-Chang)