Technology, innovation, Professional, Progression

After the establishment from 2002, Keding Enterprises Co., Ltd. has accumulated countless experiences in the wood industry. With the support and hard work of every employee, we have come a long way and achieved our ambition. Starting from the manufacturing of wooden decorative material, our team has devoted themselves to the innovation of coating technology. We have brought a revolution to the industry with our flagship product - Prefinished Wood Veneered Panels.

On the base of our sophisticated craftsmanship, KD Flooring, KD Dining Tables, and KD Wooden Accessories have also made their debuts. The top qualities of our products have made us irreplaceable in the industry. Except for the products, a complete management system and sound hardware are also the keys to our steady growth. We provide our customers with the best service based on the introduction of the Customer Relationship Management system. With better service, stronger organization, and complete outlets, we keep adjusting ourselves to meet the customer's needs. Avoiding the price war and destructive competition with our competitors, we focus even more on taking our corporate social responsibility.

From a team with 10 staff members to an enterprise with a thousand employees, the foundation of our growth is laid by the support of our valued employees. With gratitude towards natural resources, we launch social charity campaigns irregularly for the care of society and the environment.

Providing a healthy, trustworthy, and good wooden product line is our constant goal. With years of experience, we are confident in our competitivity in the global market. Through the steady growth of our company, we are ready for more challenges and sustainable development.

Keding Enterprises Co., Ltd. Chairman
曹憲章(Tsao, Hsien-Chang)