Finding Wooden Fun in Public Spaces

Finding Wooden Fun in Public Spaces(Image)
The Ukrainian Primary School, New School, has turned school into a fun experience with its use of color and wood tones. Photo credit / Andrey Avdeenko.

The impression of warmth in wood has not only been well received in the home, but in recent years many designers around the world have tried to bring this intimacy into public spaces such as schools, libraries, community centers and even medical facilities. In these, the use of wood grains, and bringing people into close contact with them, offers a relaxing break for the body and soul as if you are wander through forests and mountains.

Get close to nature and let your childhood be pure and innocent

With the rapid development of technology, information and toys, in just one generation the way children play has changed dramatically. Elena Dobrovolskaya and Dream Design Studio have attempted to bring back the simplicity of childhood to the schoolyard, starting with the environment. The New School, a primary school in Kiev, Ukraine, uses a colorful Scandinavian style, without pure white walls nor a uniform design of classroom space. The use of a lot of color and woodwork to delineate the spaces, allows children to learn about the world through the guidance of design and to immerse themselves in the culture, achieving both innovation and heritage.


Woodwork is used in various places to give the effect a refined finishing touch. Photo credit / Andrey Avdeenko


More than just books, the library are filled with the scent of wood

From university campuses to towns, libraries are among the most widely used public spaces in which woodwork is used. In such tranquil reading spaces, woodwork is the perfect companion for books. There are many libraries in Taiwan that are worth visiting for their unique style, amongst which, the Longgang Branch Library of the Taoyuan Municipal Library, which was ingeniously designed by CTLU Architect & Associates, has an interior that is imposing but not too flashy. It makes use of a large number of wooden elements and paints, coupled with metal, glass and other materials to create a contemporary, yet rustic look, forming an extensive humanistic atmosphere, making it a widely talked about and distinguished library with unique features.

The extensive woodwork makes it easy for readers to read. Photo credit / Barney Moss.
The gentle color scheme of the soft elements complements the wood colors. Photo credit / J.T. Lo Architects.

Public space  - A new stage for woodwork

Unlike residential spaces, which can be boldly personalized, public spaces place more emphasis on functionality and crowds passing through, so, it is important for designers to address the issue of how to make the space comfortable for 'mobile users' for a 'limited time', thereby driving the desire to visit again. These successful public spaces are often characterized by simplicity, openness, neutrality and naturalness. There is a high degree of similarity between this and the approachable woodworking ethos, making public spaces a new stage for wood grains, and in a modern era where texture and experience are paramount, the use of wood in public spaces is something to look forward to!
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