[Office Interior Design] Recommended styles of two wood types matching, a new choice for commercial space!

[Office Interior Design] Recommended styles of two wood types matching, a new choice for commercial space!(Image)
Soft sky blue interweaving with wood materials create a comfortable office atmosphere. Image Courtesy / Limo Interior Design, used product / K6301.

When it comes to office interior design, it is easy to relate to cold office furniture and simple partitions. However, in addition to attracting talents with high salaries, many foreign companies set high budgets on space design to create a comfortable working environment that comes with a productive vibe. For instance, Google, Airbnb and other companies that require creativity or brain power have broken the boundaries of conventional office interior design and used different materials or theme styles to bring infinite pleasure to the workplace.

KD handpicked wood office interior designs, take a glimpse at how veneered panels can create a fascinating office space.

► Hot-selling must-have veneered panels for office  interior design

How can corporate identity colors be deeply rooted in people's minds?

Skyworks, a technology company, uses a large area of French windows to take in the greenery on Dunhua South Road. Aside from the serious and cold stereotypes of technology companies, it not only brings the corporate identity color into the space, but also uses the combination of different materials and designs to bring a distinctive emotion to the office interior. In this case, a large number of light-toned maple veneers were used to match with the gray carpets. The warm interaction between the materials injects a warm current into the office, bringing out an open, relaxed and cheerful vibe of American companies.

1. Functional Office Interior Design.


As office interior design started to escape the conventional framework and begin to liberate the face of freedom, conference rooms are no longer just a monotonous space that meets its functions. Located in a 180-square-meter commercial space in Neihu District, Panduit's design combines Japanese-style with a modern silhouette to convey the corporate image of a multinational group. A wooden texture was used as the main design language in the conference room, which can accommodate up to 16 people. Gray glass and iron were also used to accent the functionality of the office space and conference room, while echoing the delicacy and charm of Japanese-style. Wood was also used as the main tone of the chairman’s office design, the black leather sofa shows a great sense of professionalism and personal taste, making the office calm and spacious.

►New choice of materials for commercial space and office interior design

Office interior design
Upper left / The wood grill is a classical design element of Japanese-style.
Upper Right / Warm wood materials were used to create an artistic and professional image.

Office interior design
 Wood was used to create a calm and spacious feel while preserving the warmth of nature.

2. Designers’ office design is all about creativity.

Different industries must have office environments with different functions and vibes. Then, what will the office of interior designers who are always listening to the needs of homeowners and considering users' living habits and flow, look like?
I visited Limo Design, who built people’s dream spaces brick by brick. In the office, the first thing that came into view was the vivid bright yellow that popped from the wood materials, which accents the vitality and creativity of the design office. The long bar is used as the center area for connecting and exchanging thoughts. The designers gather around the bar at noon to enjoy food and chat about life, having fun during busy workdays.

The smooth flow of the personal work areas is one of the key points. Yunshi Design uses a large number of white and wood colors to increase contrast, while enhancing visual spaciousness. The table is also cleverly designed as a concave bookcase, which gives the office interior design a fresh touch of Nordic style.

►The ultimate partner of black iron hardware

Office interior design

Black iron hardware contrasts with wooden textures, looking soft to the touch while keeping its character.
Office interior designThe combination of wood tones and natural light goes easier on your senses, which is suitable for everyday use.

Wood elements for commercial spaces and office interior design

Cultural life has gradually driven people's taste for space. Facing constant work challenges and a hurried pace, the favored wood grain texture began to be applied to ceilings, back walls or desk cabinets of the commercial space.
Wood is sometimes used as a material that balances the warmth of the space, and sometimes used as a palette of natural tones for a vivid touch. A good office interior design balances functionality and aesthetics of a workspace, accompanies the people who are striving for their dreams, and blazes new trails of exciting possibilities for the commercial office space.

Office interior design
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