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ECO+ Panels Features and Advantages

ECO+ Panels Features and Advantages(Image)

ECO+ Panels Features and Advantages


 Licensed by Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) Japan

DNP is the global largest manufacturer of decorative materials. In 2021, DNP reached an exclusive license agreement with KD to cooperate in creating ECO+ Panels, which simulate the look of KD Panels™. With this new product, KD enters a new  segment of printed wood grains in the decorative market.

Accelerate decoration and easy panel color matching

Thanks to the research and development of printing of DNP, ECO+ Panels simulate the look of KD Panels™ to achieve the closest color matching on the inside and outside of your woodwork.

High-quality and non-toxic substrate materials

Most of the commercially available cabinet panels are made of PVC and Melamine, which contain formaldehyde, plasticizers, melamine and other harmful toxins. ECO+ Panels are made of non-toxic PP materials, offering you a healthier and safer product.

The best Substrate for Tropical Climates

Made for tropical climates where humidity is part of everyday life. KD selects block board as a substrate, as it provides more stability and moisture resistance in this type of conditions.

Exclusive Edgebanding, Easy Application

Matching Edgebanding material is available to match each ECO+ Panel item. Making application easy and eliminating color-matching problems.

Grade-1 Flame Retardancy

Grade-1 Flame retardant certification shows that the material does not have combustion qualities; this can help prevent the possibilities of fire hazards or increase the magnitude of an existing fire.
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