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Hand Scraped(Image)

Scraped floor, like solid wood floor, has been available in the market for thousands of years. To produce solid wood floor, before the invention of the polishing machine, was to saw and slice the logs into pieces by handsaws; then the sawed wood was placed on the floor and scraped by knives or planer tools. The purpose of the process was to make the surface of the floor smooth. Undoubtedly, without polishing machines, scraping did not make a very smooth surface.

Visually, comparing the floor with a plane surface, the scraped floor can display the nature of the log; moreover, comfortable contact with bare feet can also be provided. However, the process of production needs a large amount of labor, thus the cost would be increased. With the invention of polishing and woodworking machines, the production of the floor has moved forward to the mechanization and mass production period. Moreover, with the consideration of cost and efficiency, most surfaces of the floor have become smooth.

In the 1980's, a flooring company in the United States had started to design scraped floors and they tried to make every scrape have its unique and esthetic curve. To decrease the cost, they used the labor in prisons for the heavy work. The beauty of scraped floor was spread by word-of- mouth, in the late 1990's, scraped floors had become the most popular and fashionable product in the mansion-decoration market.

With urbanization, most buildings around the world are established by steel bars and cement. Scraped floors can surprisingly provide a natural and simple atmosphere. Thus, it's favored in the North America and Europe. The use of scraped floor has gradually become a common trend in the world.
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