Primed Board

Primed Board(Image)
The KD primed boards are coated in advance. The application of spray or brush painting procedure as below can provide cost savings and guarantee the quality of the veneer surface.

K5299B The spray painting procedure of KD primed board:

1. Cleaning the board surface: clean up the residual debris that are on the board surface prior to coating.
2. Polyurethane Spraying: Spray liquid polyurethane on the primed board as a stabilizing layer. The liquid polyurethane (A: urethane / B: hardener) can be mixed with lacquer thinner to the desired consistency. The purpose of this step is to reinforce the adhesion between paint and substrate.
3. Spraying of primary coating: after the stabilizing layer has dried, a thin primary coat should be sprayed on the surface. This is recommended to reduce the amount of time and paint used during the painting of the top surface layer.
4. Spraying of primary coating (second time): the dried primary layer is sanded with 320# sandpaper gently and then, a priming coat layer is sprayed for the second time.
5. Spraying of secondary coating: the dried primary layer was sanded with 320# sandpaper gently and subsequently, the secondary coat was sprayed on the surface.

The brush painting procedure of KD primed board

1. Epoxy Adhesive (AB Glue) repairs: fill the pinhole or joint aperture with the AB glue. To prevent rust problem, it is recommended to employ the tacks which are made of stainless steel or galvanized nails.
2. Putty up the imperfection: use the gypsum to putty up, if there were any flaws on the primed board. Sand the surface of the primed board after it dries.
3. Coating of secondary layer: the secondary layer is brushed on twice as the final painting procedure.
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