KD FLOORING Advantages

KD FLOORING Advantages(Image)
Healthy and Environment friendly
Health and comfort are the most important requirements in a living space. KD Flooring Series are SG Green Label certified. Offering only safe and healthy products to you and your loves ones.
Flame Retardant Grade 1 Certificate

KD flooring is compliant with Flame Retardant Grade 1 standards. This enables the surface to slow down the spread of fire and the release of toxic smoke, providing you extra safety at home.
Rigorous Production Management
We have successfully created a sustainable supply chain around the world searching for the highest quality material. We are one of the few companies with a vertical-integrated manufacturing system with in-house sales and branding.
A Wide Range of Colors
Choosing natural wood elements as flooring can add warmth to your home. At KD, we have a vast selection of wood species and colors to fit your design style.
An ideal golden ratio
KD has crafted the ideal ratio of 1800mm x 180mm plank flooring. This ratio along with exceptional craftsmanship brings elegance and boldness into your home.
Distressed techniques, rustic feels, timeless elegance
Unlike most manufacturers, each and every craftsman in KD engages in distressing process manually to create unique and age-worn look similar to vintage flooring.

Larger Width, Generous Effect
With the aim of reducing the number of joints on the surface, we provide wide-width-planks that reach 2430mm in length to enhance the sense of spaciousness throughout the interior.

The finest surface materials
KD offers 3D and wire brush texture of surface. In addition to showcasing the beauty of the wood grains, there is also a 3D textured design aimed at reducing the foot pressure when walking.
The Leading Brand of Healthy and Eco-Friendly Materials

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