5 Home Styles with Dark Wood Flooring

5 Home Styles with Dark Wood Flooring(Image)
Image Credit: 瓦第設計/Item Used: K3178BH, K6187QN, K3178BH, K6187QN

Compared with plastic floorings, ceramic tiles, etc., wood floorings are often the first choice for indoor home floor materials because of the warm texture and the ability to adjust the indoor temperature by acting warm in winters and cool in summers. In recent years, the Nordic style has been trending, and the refreshing aesthetics of light-tone wood floorings is much loved. However, subtle and generous dark-tone wood floorings are appreciated by people with personal taste. This article will use five home styles to show you the design techniques of matching software furnishings and dark wood floorings to create rich visual layers for the space.

Collectible Luxury, Loved by Tasters.

A deep-textured red-brown wood flooring matching with an ore wall, creating a fascinating combination of different materials that creates a gorgeous atmosphere. Suitable for those who love to collect luxury. The light-transmitting soft cloth curtains are used to bring a romantic vibe to the calm red-brown wood flooring. If you want to increase the grandeur sense of the space, you can also extend the wood finishing to the ceiling to extend the visual continuity and spaciousness.

Image Credit: 藍色維他命設計工作室/Items Used: K3179FH, K6181AS 


Playful Colors to Stimulate the Space.

Whether it is a family with children or an owner with a child’s spirit, colorful elements are often added to the interior design. To match the tan-tone wood flooring, saturated wall colors and colorful furniture can be used to stimulate the space. The colorful interior will create a vivid vibe just like a lovely family having fun together.

Image Credit: 若樸美學/Product Used: K3178BH


Contemporary Style, Subtle and Elegant.

Different from the extravagant or childlike styles, black and brown wood floorings can also be used to create a contemporary style home. Even used in a rough industrial-style interior space, the look still comes with a touch of elegance. The premium feel of black-brown wood grain combined with the unique surface of KD Hand-scraped Flooring brings an intimate sense to the home space. The interlacing of different colors and materials and the echoing of the space and lighting interprets the design language and naturally separates different living areas. The natural appearance and textures of wood progressively spread across the space, which creates a pleasant modern aesthetic.

Image Credit: 田田設計/Items Used: K3179FH, K6343AR


Oriental Zen Style, Quiet, Personal, and Exclusive Aesthetics.

The simple and clean warm brown wood flooring is perfectly suitable for the oriental layout aesthetics that emphasizes emptiness and tranquility. Tian Tian Design matched the maple wood flooring with the wooden wall decor to create a natural atmosphere of the living space. The sense of tranquility gets enhanced by the naturally lightened wood grain.

Image Credit: 大漾帝國際室內裝修/Items Used: K3181BH


Classic Black and White, Elegant and Restrained Charm

Dark gray wood flooring matched with a simple and clean light white interior style can perfectly create contrast. Wadi's Design cleverly matched low-chroma soft furnishings with the interior to create a quiet look that also comes with a creative vibe. White ash wood with a dark gray tone was selected to adjust the visual temperature of the space. When the bright outdoor sunlight lights up the wood flooring, the warmth and elegance of the dark gray wood flooring gets greatly enhanced.

Image Credit: 瓦第設計 / Item Used: K3178BH

Image Credit: 田田設計 / Item Used: K3101EH


Delicate and Calm, Depicting the Charm of an Elegant Lifestyle

KD Hand-scraped Wood Flooring authentically displays the nature and simplicity of wood floorings with its unique pure hand-painted finish and hand-scraped textures. It becomes a piece of art that not only exists behind the display windows, but also integrates into your lifestyle. The natural warmth of wooden floorings retains the warm atmosphere of the land. Stepping on wooden floorings with bare feet gives you the feel of being healed by the warmth of nature. Delicate and steady dark wood floorings amplify the wood texture, which creates a more profound appearance. Leverage contrasting colors to create multiple visual layers, or utilize furniture, home decoration and soft fabrics to increase contrast and set off a tasteful style.
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