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KD Wood Veneered Panels
KD panels, the synonym of prefinished wood veneered panels     

KD was the first enterprise in Taiwan to produce prefinished wood veneered panels and became the pioneer in this market. With a leading role in this industry, customers started referring prefinished wood veneered panels as “KD panels”.
Aside from providing the largest product selection and alternatives, KD also offers high quality unfinished wood veneer panels to meet all kinds of decoration and design related demands.
KD panels

Revolutionizing fabrication methods Revolutionizing fabrication methods    

 KD panels are sanded and finished using advanced finishing methods before delivery. Thus, on-site finishing is no longer required. This revolutionizes the fabrication procedure significantly as it shortens the completion time by 4/5.
Its ease of application is acknowledged by interior designers, carpenters and contractors, therefore becoming the product of choice when it comes to specifying wooden decorative products.
panels methods     

Infinite creativity, endless possibilities          

KD’s research and development team persistently utilizes its experience and combines ideas from the latest trends around the globe sparing no efforts in thinking outside of the box to create products.
By providing a wide variety of veneer matching, and various surface finishes, KD provides innovative solutions and unlimited possibilities for different interior spaces.。
panels project

Living healthy, free from harm     

Being exposed to the volatile organic compounds (neurotoxins) emitted by conventional decorative materials, such as urea formaldehyde, toluene and lead, can cause serious damage to the human body even after the fabrication period.
In view of this, KD panels use environmentally-friendly coating materials and have acquired National Green Building Material Certification, with the aim to create free-from-harm living environments
for kid's health

National F1-Grade certified products         

Formaldehyde is considered as top carcinogen by WHO and can be found in every kindof building materials.
Therefore, KD has been focusing on lowering formaldehyde content in its products and successfully developed high molecular deconstruction techniques, sharply reducing the formaldehyde emission.
All products are F1-Grade Certified, meeting Taiwan National Standard No. CNS8058.
less formaldehyde

Edges can also be covered     

No need to go through the trouble in finding similar molding, seam cover or aluminum rod to cover an edge!
Every KD panel has its own matching paperbacked veneer for edge covering purposes, enabling woodworkers to easily cover edges to create a solid block appearance.panels project

Sound protection to home safety with flameretardancy grade 1     

Whereas wood is a highly flammable material, KD prefinished wood veneered panels, unlike conventional finishes, are manufactured with advanced UV coating techniques that provides flame retardant properties and suppressing the spread of smoke. With CNS7614 Certification, KD panels provide one more level of safety to your home.

Millions of panels, thousands of happy users     

Up to date, we have sold more than three million sheets of KD panels to thousands of clients worldwide. (Our quality and service is proved by our constant growth in sales every year.)
KD prefinished wood veneered panels can be applied on walls, ceilings, cabinets, and furniture. Exceeding client expectations is what KD continues to do.
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Stronger durability, easier maintenance    

The water-based primary coating is applied to our KD panels to achieve the best adhesion between the coating and the veneer.
This coating also provides perfect protection to the veneer from moisture and makes the panel twice as durable as conventional lacquer finishes.
KD panels also possess characteristics such as scratch, abrasion, crack, and chemical substance resistance. Plus, it can be easily cleaned with alcohol or any cleaning solvents.
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