Into the Woods

Into the Woods

KD FLOORING Advantages(Image)
KD FLOORING Advantages
KD FLOORING Pros and Cons(Image)
Wood flooring has silently invaded into our most intimate place – home. When it comes to wood flooring selection, customers tend to put their emphasis on texture and the origin of wood plus the process of treatment are often neglected. Thus, Keding Enterp

Hand Scraped

Hand Scraped(Image)
Scraped floor, like solid wood floor, has been available in the market for thousands of years. To produce solid wood floor, before the invention of the polishing machine...
The Beautiful Life(Image)
Mary Leu is a fine wood carving artist. Attracted by the fragrance and the characteristics of wood, she absorbs herself deeply in the fine art of carving. With her heart and soul, she translates her feelings of the beautiful life into great sculptures...
Engineered Wood Flooring Installation(Image)
Guide -Lay down the moisture barrier on the floor. Nail down plywood base over the moisture barrier....
Engineered Wood Flooring Alignment(Image)
Random Alignment-Aligning the planks in random order can create a natural and vivid feel to an interior space...