The life texture of phoenix- Paulownia(Image)
According to ancient legends, the phoenix appears in the world every five hundred years. It exclusively inhabits in the Paulownia tree and eats only bamboo fruit and drinks sweet spring water. Paulownia tomentosa has light, supple wood that weighs three t
Romance storyteller – Walnut(Image)
Walnut is the theme of several romantic and lovely tales, both in the East and the West. The Tchaikovsky Nutcracker ballet, which combines dance and music, tells the story of how Clara saved the Nutcracker, who later transformed into a gorgeous prince in
Quietly guarding the changing years-Oak(Image)
It has been silently protecting the beginning of every life for 13,000 years. It experiences cultural changes from the seclusion of the Ice Age to the abundance of the crescent region, and the magnificence of the pyramids. It may be far from eternity, but