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Dear young friends,

Somehow time has flown unnoticeably since KD was founded in 2002. However, with steady growth of KD, I finally come to understand that the hours did not pass meaninglessly; every second truly counted. When on campus, students are often perplexed about which path to take to their future. Therefore, one thing I would like to share with you is to "Slow your pace down and visualize what your future will be like.”

A person's academic performance is not everything. Some who engage in their studies might neglect interpersonal relationships, resulting in ineffective interaction and miscommunication with their colleagues and supervisors in the future. On the contrary, those who spend most of their time on what they are passionate about (such as school club, volunteering, study tour and so on.) often obtain more professional achievements in the end. The key factor is that they know exactly what they want.

The same goes in a career, try to find a job for which you are longing for and stick to it. Try to reach your goal one step at a time. However, keep in mind that one should not be afraid of challenges, nor stop learning at any stage, and should definitely not run away from obstacles. Following these principles, one will become a multifunctional individual of high competitiveness in this society.

Finally, in the future when you look back at the things you have overcome, that's when you will realize that you have really lived life.


KD North America, Inc. Chairman