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  How to maintain and clean KD flooring?  
The surface of flooring is thoroughly covered with KD coating making it easy to
  maintain. For daily cleaning, sweep or vacuum floor first, then use a damp mop to clean.  

  Is KD wood flooring made of solid wood?  
Solid wood flooring tends to shrink and expand according to different types of
  environments. With Taiwan’s weather being warm and humid, solid wood flooring  
  is prone to movement and changes in shape causing it to be difficult to use.  
  KD Flooring is an engineered type of flooring, made of a hardwood plywood base  
  with a layer of hardwood veneer on the surface. Its qualities make it more resistant  
  to moisture and heat compared to solid wood.  
  KD Flooring provides an enhanced stability along with a stunning surface on top  
  and eliminates you solid wood flooring problem.  

  Is it possible to self-install KD flooring?  
The installation process of large dimension flooring may require some experience
  such as on-site measurements, flooring arrangement methods, etc. to obtain the  
  best results. Therefore, it is suggested to be done by a professional.   

  Why does the surface of hand-scraped wood

flooring look wavy, instead of the classic,

flat surface?
Having uneven surfaces is the main characteristic of hand-scraped flooring,
  these “wave-like” surface is caused by the surface being scraped by hand prior to  
   the finish.   

  Can I DIY KD prefinished veneered panel?  
KD panel does not need any lacquering on site, however, cutting, pasting and edge
  trimming still requires professional carpentry and operating woodworking  
  machinery. It is suggested to select the product of choice and have an experienced  
  professional to take care of the installation.   

  What is the benefit of KD panels carrying flame

retardant properties?  
Traditional coatings have no flame retardant properties, which can increase the
   magnitude of a fire. However, KD panels are qualified with Flame Retardancy  
   Grade1, which provides a protective flame retardant function and suppresses the  
  spread of smoke. This means we get more time to evacuate the building in case of  
  a fire, resulting in a safer living environment.  

  How do I purchase KD wood flooring

and KD panels?
You can select the use of KD panels to your designer and/or contractor. You can
  also leave a message on our website,  
  we will get back to you in the shortest time possible.  

  Where do I get to experience the display of

KD products?
Customers are welcome to visit KD showrooms in Taiwan and China.
  In addition, you can also express your interests in  
   KD products to your designer or contractor.  
  Our sales team can provide sample and catalogues if needed.  

  Where do these wood materials come from?    
KD has purchasing professionals inspecting and buying logs at the origin,
  in regions such as Russia, Europe, North America and South America.  

  What is FSCTM COC certification?  
As an effort to keep sustainable forests, FSCTM COC certifies that the wood
  products come from responsibly managed forests and a well-managed supply  

  What is the warranty on

KD hand-scraped wood flooring?
5 years.

  What are the differences between system

furniture and customized woodwork?
Most of the system furniture is from mass production and shall be installed on site.
  Apart from that, system furniture is often made with particle board, which has poor  
  performance when in contact with humidity. In addition, system furniture tends to  
   be “systemized”, providing limited designs, customized woodwork is more  
  flexible and can be “tailor made” with infinite options to meet clients’ demands.  
   KD panels not only provide a wide selection of colors and species, but at the same  
   time, carries the properties such as humidity resistance, flame retardancy,  
  non-toxic and durability.    

  Are all the series available in each location?  
There are slight variations among different countries.
  Please contact local sales for more details.   

  Excessive formaldehyde emission can be

widely found in public space.

Are KD products safe from this hazard?  
KD has developed a high molecular deconstruction technique, which is an key
  factor lowering the emission of formaldehyde. All KD panels are also certified as  
  F1-grade products in Taiwan, which meets Taiwan national standard CNS8058.  
  Using KD panels together with other low formaldehyde products can significantly  
  reduce formaldehyde emissions in your home.   
  Resulting in a healthy living environment.