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KD prefinished wood veneered panel is made of natural wood. Natural appearance of wood and a change of the surface color and appearance over time is a natural characteristic, not a defect. Your purchase is subject to rigorous quality standards and an accepted imperfection rate. This includes natural imperfections in the wood as well as manufacturing and grade selection defects. Please examine each KD panel before installation. If the product is not an acceptable quality, please contact us immediately.
As a real wood product, KD prefinished wood veneered panels are subject to variation in color and grain from piece to piece, giving it that unique individuality which distinguishes it from synthetic materials such as plastic or metal. Matching of veneers cannot always be guaranteed, and if necessary, please check with us before ordering.
Some wood species are prone to seasonal supply shortages. Although we try our best to avoid any shortage in supply and keep inventory current, occasionally some items may be temporarily out of stock. Please check on product availability with us before placing your order.


Wood Veneered Panels
width x length 1220mm x 2440 mm
thickness 3.0mm ~ 5.0mm 

width x length 610mm x 2440 mm
thickness 0.4mm ~ 1.2mm