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After 15 memorable years, the Operation of our Dapumei Production Headquarters Factory 1 has officially begun!With this new Headquarters, production facilities are connected to increase in capacity as well as in quality control.
   KD prefinished veneered panels is a proud winner of the 24th Taiwan Excellence Awards.With the growing demand of the market, we have acquired Miaoli Veneer Lamination Facility to grow production capacity.Also, KD Interior Doors debut proves our commitment to produce great products with continuous innovation.
This year KD has acquired Japanese F☆☆☆☆ Standard Certification, which is a testimony of our continuous dedication to provide responsible products. In addition, KD has set up seven other branches in China to provide thorough service plus three more factories in Taiwan to develop new product lines and increase production capacity. We will soon create our own brand of high end furniture with only the best wooden materials in the market.

A total of 15 offices were set up in China. KD also had its global business expansion with offices in Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, Malaysia and Thailand. With the increasing demands worldwide,KD also acquired a 4.2 hectare land ownership for factory use in Chiayi (Taiwan) in response to the determination of “Rooting Locally, Thinking Globally”.


With the aim to secure healthy living environment, KD panels have low formaldehyde emissions making us the very first enterprise in the industry with products certified as National F1-Grade. In the same year, KD set up branches in Hsinchu and Taipei City, a factory in Pingtung and 7 offices in the China region, providing prompt service to the customers’ needs.


MIT Smile Product Certificate, Singapore Green Label and Green Building Certificates were obtained. With various certifications, KD inputs all efforts to guarantee only high-quality products and earn the trust of our cherished consumers. 


KD was the first in the market to obtain FSCTM COC certification and launched the first aesthetic wood flooring TVC during this year. The second overseas branch was also set up in Singapore.


With continuous innovation and advanced technology, KD set up the 5th factory in Taipei City and the 1st factory in Pingtung. In the same year, KD entered the competitive Chinese market by setting up the Shanghai Branch, this would become a first step towards global market development.


KD Hand-scraped wood flooring launched together with the inauguration of the first showroom in Taipei, where customers were able to experience all KD products in person.


Unfinished wood veneered panels launched. KD, is the first in the industry obtaining ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and Green Building Material Certification in Taiwan. Providing safe and healthy certified products is our guarantee.


With increasing demands in both domestic and global markets, KD set up the 2nd and 3rd factories to increase production capacity. This has helped in the innovation and development of new products for commercial and residential purposes.


The first branch was set up in Taichung. HPL backing products were also launched in the same year to satisfy the demands from American and European markets. 

Prefinished paperbacked veneer launched. Each prefinished veneered panel has its own matching paperbacked veneer ready for edging and can be applied on corners and sides, creating more decorative possibilities.

Keding Enterprises Co., Ltd was founded in Taipei, Taiwan, specializing in the manufacturing of prefinished wood veneered panels with the use of advanced coating machinery. Different from conventional lacquering techniques, KD provides a healthy and non-toxic choice for wooden decorative materials, thus revolutionizing the decorative material industry.