The History of KD Logo
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History of the name “Keding”
After developing advanced coating technologies, Keding chose the use of the word "Coating" as the concept of the brand name when founded in 2002. The founder Hsien Chang Tsao decided to use the name“Keding” as the brand name, which is close to the pronunciation of the word“coating”, but at the same time does not restrict itself by the name.

Keding, also represents Knowledge, Enthusiasm, Determination, Innovation, Nature and Grace; With this motto, Keding will persist in the use of professional knowledge with great enthusiasm and determination to keep innovating and aiming to provide our customers the finest wooden products that have a combination of nature and grace throughout the world.
Design of KD logo
Sunshine, its radiance gives life to the earth. We are left in awe by the crystal bright shining beam that leaks through the leaves when wandering in our majestic forests. These heart touching moments represent the spirit of Keding and it is our products that reflect this very spirit through the art of fine coating.

The bright design of the logo has fully interpreted Keding's spirit. The yellow background symbolizes the radiant sunshine, and the red circle symbolizes the sun and its enthusiastic heart. The abbreviation“kd”represents technology and rationality in mandarin, symbolizing the good use of technology and constant innovation by Keding. The red triangle that points to the abbreviation“kd”shows our determination to take the lead within our industry. We are devoted to making the grain of woods clearly appear as if they were bathing in sunshine, thus bringing the sunshine into living life.