Edge Paint Application Method
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  Join flexible veneer and base material with wood adhesive.

    Use 240# sandpaper to smooth the trim. Then, repeat with 400# sandpaper until the edge is smooth.    

Shake the paint bottle and mix evenly.


  Make sure the sediment at the bottom of the bottle is thoroughly mixed. Scrape the paintbrush over the rim of the bottle to remove excess paint.
    To avoid applying excess paint in the corners, start at 3 cm from the corner and paint along the edge. Go back and forth several times until edge is completely covered.    

Use 800# sandpaper to smooth the edging. If there is any excess paint on the surface, wipe off with ethanol.


  During edge finishing process, always dip the paintbrush into the paint bottle to prevent it from drying out.     Rinse off the paintbrush after using the brush. Make sure that all of the paint is off the paintbrush before drying the paintbrush.    

Grip the paintbrush firmly with your thumb facing up.



  1.Always stir the paint with a paintbrush during edging procedure to make sure the sediment at
   the bottom of the bottle is 
thoroughly mixed into the paint.
2.The adhesive needs time to set and achieve a strong bond.
3.Finishing the edging work before, rather than after assembly, provides a better finish.
4.It is strongly suggested to use 400# sandpaper to ensure a smooth edge. Edge painting work must
   be done after 
sanding process.
5.If you are not satisfied with the finished edge line, use ethanol to remove the edge paint materials and
   repaint the 
edge line.
6.To increase smoothness and thickness of painted edge line, it is suggested to sand the edge line 
   gently with 800# 
sandpaper on a day after the coating process. Then, apply the edge paint material
   on the edge line.

7.It is strongly suggested that the 240#, 400#, and 800# sandpapers must be attached to the
   sanding block for edge sanding use
8.Due to the variation of the wood grain in each panel, a difference in color may be possible between
   the panel and the edge paint, if this is the case, please contact your sales representative.
9.The edging set (i.e. paintbrush, 240#, 400#, 800# sandpaper) and trimming knife are available for