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Demand for only the best


We have developed a consistent and sustainable supply chain with our international partners to find wood of superior quality throughout the world. Before processing (slicing) the logs, we soak them in 95-degree hot water under a vacuum for 7 days to remove any impurities in the wood and reveal the peculiar grain patterns of each type of wood. 

  An ancient craft, reinterpreted  

The painting from the French artist Gustave Caillebotte, illustrates this classic techniques of flooring installation that have faded throughout the end of the industrial revolution. KD traveled far out to Europe for years to rediscover this lost art. After years of dedication, we are now able to bring back classic hand-scraped flooring to the contemporary world.

  Slow manufacturing process, insisting on perfection  

With twenty years of professional experience in woodworking, our craftsmen insist in only producing 180 square feet of hand-scrapped flooring a day. They take the necessary time to hand-scrape and finish the flooring as if it were their own artwork.

  Distressed techniques, rustic feel, timeless elegance  

Distressed style symbolizes the indelible marks in the wood telling the history behind, embedded with memories, spirit and cultural values. Each and every craftsman of KD takes on the distressing process with their own bare hands to create an age-worn look and a sense of uniqueness in the products, just like the unique taste of each client.

  Stained by hand, revealing the texture and stories  

We employ a manual-staining techniques that apply to all of our products and wait patiently for 72 hours for the wood to absorb the pigments thoroughly, this process creates a slight variation in color, creating a natural look when installed.

  Classic finishing, a piece of artwork in your home  


Plant Director Huang, a renowned person in woodworking finishes, combines the essence from American and European finishing styles, and perceives the characteristics of each type of wood species, and giving them a suitable finish accordingly. With his experience in this field, the final results of the flooring are nature, art and modernism combined.

  Golden ratio, creating a spacious effect  

After consulting with numerous designers and architects worldwide, KD has designed the ideal flooring dimension of 180cm in length and 18cm in width. These dimensions provides a simplified look and create a more spacious effect in the interior space.