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Wood flooring has silently invaded into our most intimate place – home. When it comes to wood flooring selection, customers tend to put their emphasis on texture and the origin of wood plus the process of treatment are often neglected. Thus, Keding Enterprises has devoted to launch engineered hand scraped wood flooring and at the same time provide transparent purchase information, enabling our customers to enjoy a secure and satisfactory product.

Testing Standard
Testing item  Standard Wualification KD wood flooring
available composite wood  flooring

Flammability test CNS 7614
Length of carbonization ≦ 5cm; No remaining flame;
1 minute after, there will be no afterglow

Grade1 Length of
carbonization >5cm
Adhesion CNS 10757
10 points
(no delaminating)

10 points Seriously
Alkali Resistance  CNS 10757

Normal Fading, and flaking paint
Acid Resistance CNS 10757

Normal Fading, and flaking paint
Stain Resistance

CNS 10757
(95% Ethanol 72hr、offee72hr)
Unchanged Difficult to remove atains
Cigarette- burning Resistance  CNS 11367 No cigarette
burning、no fading、no cracking and no bubble mark 

Cigarette burning、 fading、cracking and bubble mark
Moisture content CNS 11342 ≦ 14% 8.90%
Tongue-and-groove notch CNS 11342 No>1mm gap
No>1mm gap; Accessibility
Rough; 3~8mm gap
delaminating test
CNS 11342
Remaining length of laminating > 2/3
No delaminating Length of delaminating >1/3

Height difference between joints
CNS 11342 ≦ 0.3mm 0.2mm 0.3~1mm
Abrasion test CNS 11342
Base material does
not reveal. Less than
or equal to 0.15g abrasion loss for each 100 rotations

Base material does not reveal 0.02g/100 rotations Base material reveal. Over 0.15g abrasion loss for each 100 rotations
Flexure property CNS 11342
The difference between the two deflections ≦ 3.5mm
Qualified (1.9mm) 5~15mm

Thickness swelling
rate due to water absorption

CNS 11342 Thickness swelling
rate due to water absorption ≦20%
7.84% 20~40%

Emission of formaldehyde
CNS 11342 ≦1.5 mg/L Undetected 1.5~20 mg/L

Green Building Material
Green Building
Material testing method
<0.2 μSv/h Qualified(0.08~0.13 μSv/h) May contain radioactive materials
Heavy metals
Green Building
Material testing method

T-Ag <0.05 mg/L
T-As  <0.3 mg/L
T-Cd <0.3 mg/L
Cr+6 <1.5 mg/L
T-Cu <0.15 mg/L
T-Hg <0.005 mg/L
T-Pb  <0.3 mg/L
Contain toxic
chemicals like Ag、Pb、Cd 
and TVOC
Green Building
Material testing method
VOC emission standard: E2

Qualified (TVOC 0.053;Formaldehyde Undetected)
TVOC0.2~20 mg/ Formaldehyde  0.1~10 mg/

Asbestos Testing
CNS 13970 contain no asbestos Undetected May contain  asbestos
Manufacturing Process
KD Wood flooring
Commercially available composite wood flooring

  8:3:2 made of golden ratio, creating
  unbelievable visual esthetics.


  Either too small to be great, or too large
  to reach delicacy.

  Take the Prestressed Concrete” measure,
  hard to deform.


  Without any treatments, easy to deform.
Surface Materials Treatment

  Soaked in the water of 90℃~95℃in a
  vacuum for 7 days to create clear and
  distinguished wood grains.


  Made of poor quality materials, knots are
  perceivable but the wood grains are

  Designed by artistic sculptors, exceptional
  feel of  hand-scraped flooring.


  Lousy and flat, the feel is the  same as
  plastic flooring.