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Healthy and Environment friendly
Research shows that when the human body is exposed to volatile organic compounds, such as urea formaldehyde, toluene and ethyl benzene, it can easily lead to cancer. Keding Enterprises are qualified with 
ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and green building material certification in Taiwan to control our production process and procurement. These certifications also show our commitment to produce healthy products with high quality. Because of our efforts to improve our products, we became the leading company in the wood flooring industry.
Golden Ratio
The size of flooring is an important factor for the layout. If the size is too small, the space will be crowded. If the size is too large, it will lose the aesthetic impression. Therefore, Keding Enterprises insists in producing the floorings with the golden ratio, 16cm x 150cm, which is approved by the masters of art and aesthetics.

In a complex environment, the wood floorings tend to have problems such as deformation, crack and other unstable issues. To avoid these possibilities, we adopt the technology of pre-compressive stress to insure the quality and stability of our floorings.

The finest surface material
For the surface material, we choose the natural logs with three-dimensional, vivid grain and soak the logs in a vacuum environment with 90 ˚C - 95 ˚C hot water. When exposed to levels of high humidity and high temperature for certain periods, the growth ring will become more alive. The contrast of the wood grain is increased and the texture of the floorings is improved thanks to this process.

Hand-scraped surface
Designed by Mary Leu, the famous fine carving artist, our art floorings are all carved by hand. The unique hand-scraped texture made our flooring worthy of its collections name.

The finest coating
In the past 30 years, with his competence and full commitment, Mr. Huang, our factory director, has realized the essence of the art of the wood application.Therefore, every piece of his creations is the performance of the esthetics.

Service quality
Our own installation team follows KD's main principal to deliver prompt, friendly and professional service to all value clients.