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Keding (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd. (Shanghai Showroom)

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Tel : +86-21-6252-2989
Hotline: 152-2192-9288

Add : 1F.,No. 843, Yuyuan Rd., Changning Dist., Shanghai, China
  Business Hours : 08:00 AM to 05:20 PM (Mon-Fri)
                        10:00 AM to 05:00 PM (Satu-Sun)

【Parking lots are available. Welcome to call for appointment.】

  Drive on Yanan expressway. Take the exit to Jiangsu Road. Drive north and then turn right onto Yuyuan Road. Keep going forward 200 meters.

From the direction of Caoyang Road or Changning Road, drive south to Jiangsu Road. Turn left onto Yuyuan Road. Keep going forward 200 meters.

  Take 20, 330, 825, 921, 939 to the stop “Yuyuan Rd.-Jiangsu Rd.” Arriving here on foot takes about 1 minute.
Take 01, 44, 62, 323, 562, 923 to the stop “Jiangsu Rd.-Yuyuan Rd.” Turn left onto Yuyuan Road. Arrive here in approximately 5 minutes.

  Take Line 2 or Line 11 to Jiangsu Rd. station. Walk ahead from exit no. 3 for 50 meters then make a left turn.